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President Office

NamePositionEmail Address
LIN, An-Pan Secretary General anpanlin@ntnu.edu.tw
KONG, Ling-Tai Secretary kung@ntnu.edu.tw
HUANG, Tzu-Yun Secretary e50016@ntnu.edu.tw
TENG, Li-Chun Secretary e90006@ntnu.edu.tw
LIN, Tsui-Hua Technical Staff tracythlin@ntnu.edu.tw

Research Fellowarch

NamePositionEmail Address
CHEN, Xin-Min Research Fellow chenshinmin@ntnu.edu.tw
CHEN, Huei-Shan Project Staff bonjour@ntnu.edu.tw

Section 1: University Administration

  1. In charge of secretarial affairs for the President and 3 Vice-presidents.
  2. To call and arrange the meetings of university academy, administration, and funds.
  3. To review the efficiency of executive duties in administrative units.
  4. To compile "the General Information of NTNU" in both Chinese and English.
  5. To conduct "the President Teatime" regularly.
  6. To carry out "the Express Services Center".
NamePositionEmail Address
LIU, Ching-Hua Director chliu888@ntnu.edu.tw
CHEN,Wei An Coordinator 710vivian@ntnu.edu.tw
WU, Kang-Ling Coordinator connie1225@ntnu.edu.tw
DAI, Ling-Rung Senior Staff g9042701@ntnu.edu.tw
WANG, Yu-Wen Research Assistant carw@ntnu.edu.tw
LIN, Pao-Chu Staff e02008@ntnu.edu.tw
FAN, Su-Pin Staff e55001@ntnu.edu.tw

Section 2: University Administrative Evaluation and Constructive Inspection

  1. To oversight and evaluate university administrative duties handed over by their superiors.
  2. To supervise the plan and the progress of campus building projects.
  3. Coordinating with Accounting Office to instruct for bidding, compare/negotiate price,case decision and inspection for procurement cases.
NamePositionEmail Address
TUNG, Pen-Huei Director phtung@ntnu.edu.tw
HUANG, Pei-Ju Coordinator peirun@ntnu.edu.tw
LIOU, Bi-Hao Senior technician bihao29@ntnu.edu.tw
CHI, Shu-Mei Senior Staff chi_shumei@ntnu.edu.tw
HUANG, Chi-Fen Senior Staff ddpink@ntnu.edu.tw

Section 3: University Document & Postal

  1. To supervise and notarize NTNU official seal.
  2. To organize incoming and outgoing of NTNU official documents.
  3. To manage archives.
  4. To implement E-official documents and statistics.
  5. To maintain webpage of Document Postal Section.
  6. To develop digital archive system.
  7. To establish a new space of digital archives.
  8. To promote gender equity education.
Name Position Email Address
CHIANG, Hua-Ling Director hlchiang@ntnu.edu.tw
LEE, Shu-Ling Senior Staff ling0731@ntnu.edu.tw
HE, Yan-Mi Senior Staff amier.ho@ntnu.edu.tw
CHOU, Wan Yi Senior Staff wanyichou@ntnu.edu.tw
CHENG,Yu-Ting Technical Staff oopsvivian@ntnu.edu.tw
CHU, Shuen-Li Coordinator slchu0131@ntnu.edu.tw
HSU, Jui-Ming Senior Staff rachelhsu@ntnu.edu.tw
CHAO, Ying-Chi Senior Staff angela6926552@ntnu.edu.tw
HUANG,Ling-Chen Senior Staff xhuang0529x@ntnu.edu.tw
JIANG,Hsin-Yen Senior Staff sinyen1108@ntnu.edu.tw
LEE, Hsiao-Hua Coordinator ri1016@ntnu.edu.tw
GAO, Xiao-Wen Coordinator wawa@ntnu.edu.tw
LING, Xin-Ru Senior Staff iaa100@ntnu.edu.tw
CHEN,GUAN-YING Senior Staff awdr5984@ntnu.edu.tw
LIU,WEN-HSI Project Staff wenhsil@ntnu.edu.tw
FAN, Huei-Li Staff li9337@ntnu.edu.tw
CHUANG, Min-Hsiu Senior Staff chung89@ntnu.edu.tw

Center of Public Affairs

  1. Responsible for the training of the NTNU Ambassador and assist in welcoming foreign guests
  2. Establish public relations and strengthen community links and services
  3. Promote the business and sustainable development of NTNU National Alumni Association
  4. Contact and assist alumni associations and associations of departments in Taiwan and abroad
  5. Plan and execute annual outstanding alumni selection and alumni activities
  6. Establish and update alumni database
  7. Assist all alumni contacts and services
  8. Collect and release NTNU news and related reports
  9. Handle the overall planning and execution of press conferences, topic marketing and public relations activities for academic achievements
  10. Operate and train campus reporters and campus anchor team
  11. Maintain the NTNU website and online new media
  12. Edit and distribute the Chinese and English campus introduction videos, booklet, NTNU Weekly Chinese e-newsletter, NTNU Quarterly English e-newsletter and the NTNU newsletter in print
Name Position Email Address
KANG, Min-Ping Director mpkang@ntnu.edu.tw
CHEN,Ping-Hung Director pxc24@ntnu.edu.tw
LU,Chi-Ming Director t11025@ntnu.edu.tw
TENG,Li-Chun Secretary e90006@ntnu.edu.tw
YANG,Ya-Wen Senior Staff arwenno1@ntnu.edu.tw
CHOU,Rilon Project Staff ritsu2021@ntnu.edu.tw
LIN,Li-Ting Project Staff linliting@ntnu.edu.tw
Tsai,Chun-Yu Project Staff cyth@ntnu.edu.tw
YU,TING-LING Senior Staff linkofederer@ntnu.edu.tw
HUANG, LO-HSIEN Project Staff jeffreyhuang@ntnu.edu.tw
CHUNG, Chih-Ping Technical Staff chihpingchung1130@ntnu.edu.tw
HU,Shih-Tse Senior technician abow722@ntnu.edu.tw
LI,Yu-Ching Senior Staff hamei@ntnu.edu.tw
LI,Xi-Hui Staff y2255588@ntnu.edu.tw

Institutional Research Office

  1. To collect, analyze, and interpret the institutional data for planning, assessment, and decision making.
  2. Providing data analysis, reporting, or research as needed to support institutional objectives and to assess institutional effectiveness.
  3. To maintain a comprehensive and integrated dataset regarding the administrative information and student learning activities.
  4. Monitoring the consistency and integrity of data released in various sources or reports.
  5. Executes the national open-data policy and fulfills the higher education regulations.
Name Position Email Address
KOH, Jia-Ling Director jlkoh@csie.ntnu.edu.tw
WANG, Shih-Ting Executive Officer tinawang@ntnu.edu.tw
CHEN, Pei-Chun Executive Officer jessicachen@ntnu.edu.tw
TANG, Chiao-Yu Executive Officer joytang@ntnu.edu.tw
HUANG, Pin-Chi Senior Coordinator pinhuang@ntnu.edu.tw